Tweeting Longinus: On the Facebook Sublime

Status Too Long

Twitter, the social network phenomenon known for brevity, requires users to condense their thoughts into just 140 characters, including spac

Facebook is a little more kind, allowing 420 characters for status updates and a 1000 character limit on wall posts.

1) Read Longinus, On the Sublime, sections I–VIII. There’s an alternative English translation with handy outline here (thanks to Project Gutenberg). If you want to, you can work with the original Greek here (thanks to the Perseus Digital Library).

2) Read Plato, Phaedrus, 258d–279c (pages 124–153). The Perseus Digital Library has the alternative English translation here and the Greek here.

We will be discussing the rhetoric of great writing in class, as well as the methods and examples that Longinus and Plato use. Your goal with this assignment will be to distill the content of our discussions down to their main points, which you will then post to your blog—the real Web; as real social capital—on your “Distillation” page. You may make use of Aristotle’s rhetoric, as well. Choose each word carefully. Think of new ways to construct each thought in clear, concise ways. Learn to do this well, now, and your readers will thank you for it for the rest of your life!


Distillation Assignment #1:

Using as close to 1000 characters as you can, write a summary of the main points of our discussions on Longinus’s On Great Writing (On the Sublime) and Plato’s Phaedrus. Post your assignment to the “Distillation” page on your new blog before Sunday morning, February 9 at 8:00 am.

Note: 1000 characters, not 1000 words.


Distillation Assignment #2:



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